restless creator, and the soul of LA ORKESTA MEKANIKA. Composer, musician and self-taught producer, who offers us new ways of understanding and feeling electronic music on the dance floor, with elegance and softness.

The compositions

of the LIVE SETS will vary depending on which of its variants is going to be executed. Some tracks differ widely from others in speed and style. This is due to the wide number of styles that influence their tracks.


they will always highlight minimalist arrangements, and a miscellaneous work of editing and harmonic composition, which he likes to define as a HYBRID / MUTANT FUSION OF DANCE ELECTRONICS.

His music

is defined as being absolutely eclectic. With a cinematic vision, sometimes melancholic and dramatic, other funny and sensual, and sometimes dark and introspective.

The roots of his influences

come from musical genres such as: Acid Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, Pop, or Rock, which he fuses with: Trip Hop, Dub, ChillOut, Trance, Techno, or Deep minimal house. He makes us dance with a totally tag-free proposal.

Freely inspired by

her favorite genres, she seeks to tell stories through sound. He defines his genre as: TRIP DANCE, a mix between TRIP HOP, and ELECTRONIC dance music.

Of Colombian origin,

at the age of 13 he moved to Chile, where he began his musical forays playing the bass. He studies Sound Engineering, and gets involved in projects as a bassist, composer, and producer, with different artists in different projects: Miguel Tutera and Fritz Demuth in 1991 with MARMAJA / ROCK EXPERIMENTAL.

With Daniel Jeff and Dj Down in

1996 in the FLAN / ELECTRONICA project, and with Maria Jose Levine in 2000 to 2002 in CAIPIRIÑA TRIP and his BOSSA ELECTRONICA. In 1997 he started as a wedding dj in a company of his own creation called RIDO BLANCO.

The year 2000 began playing

electronic club music as a resident dj in the Tantra Lounge. An emblematic club in the city of Santiago, where he shared a booth with the best DJs on the international scene: Steve Lawler, Darren Emerson, Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano among others.

After the summer,

he moved to Barcelona, where he started with the alias DJELASTICO a residence for the VIP of the CITY HALL club. He creates his own POKER CLUB parties, at the FELLINI and OTTO ZUTZ clubs. For 10 years he has participated in the local and international scene, playing in London at the HEAVEN club, in Berlin at the CAFE ZAPATA club, in Hamburg at the mythical GOLDEN PUDEL club, and in some slums in Paris (L´OPA) and Amsterdam (Club De Kring).

In 2002 he moved to Ibiza to DJ,

and do live shows during the summer. Highlights a concert in COASTLINE, and a residency in MAO ROOM, where he shared the stage with CHAMBAO, when they just started.

In 2008 he published

his first E.P. KONFUSION, on Funkdango Records with a remix by Piere Bucci. 2010 he produces a trip hop album with Jazz singer Juana Rodriguez and the PI project.

After a 5-year hiatus

in which he moved away from music, he decided to quit djing, to dedicate himself exclusively to producing and composing music for his LIVE SETS. He wants to produce his own music, with his own style. This is how this new project was born: LA ORKESTA MEKANIKA.

He is currently preparing

another electronic music project, with the participation of a singer of ancient music styles, and in them he performs his own arrangements live, with sounds of VIRTUAL instruments, which are executed with the Bass, Guitar and Keyboard instruments, in a way interspersed.

These arrangements are

recorded and superimposed as loops (OVERDUBING), thus giving life to compositions in which Techno, Trance, Dub, Chill out and Minimal, and Industrial are fused, with Eastern ethnic music styles, and Ancient music.

See you on the dance floor!!!